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Made Men Medicine is a unique and highly specialized and collaborative Integrative Men’s Health Clinic in Miami. Dedicated to the needs of men suffering from Low Testosterone, Low Sex Drive, Erectile Dysfunction, Prostate problems, and many other issues that affect a males sexual performance. Our men’s health experts exceed the standard of care with personalized and cutting-edge treatment solutions. We offer many solutions including UroWave (aka Pulse Wave Therapy), Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Lifestyle Medicine. We give our patients a personalized solution that will result in optimal sexual performance and health. We are committed to helping our clients stay on their A-Game and succeed in their health and life.

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment // Hormone Replacement Therapy // UroWave / Pulse Wave Therapy // Peyronie’s Disease // Sex Drive // Urology // Low Testosterone Therapy // Premature Ejaculation // Prostate Health & Cancer Prevention // Genetic Testing, Interpretation, & Individualized Therapy // Fitness Optimization // Effective Weight Loss // Detoxification // Customized Nutritional Supplementation // Healthy Aging Strategies

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Brittany Martinez, PharmD.,C.Ph.,FMNM
Brittany Martinez, PharmD.,C.Ph.,FMNM
Men’s Health Pharmacist
Dr. Martinez is a leading Men’s Health Specialist. She specializes in individualized hormone therapies, medications, and nutritional therapies targeted to help men optimize their hormones and performance, restore their health, and rejuvenate their sex lives. Dr. Martinez’s unique medical practice has created a new standard for men’s health by applying the latest treatments and advances in men’s medicine and performance.
Leon Hirzel, MD.
Leon Hirzel, MD.
Urologist Physcian
Dr. Leon Hirzel brings his extensive experience of 36 years in clinical and surgical Urology – the field that specializes in the male reproductive system and male and female urinary tract – to Made Men Medicine. As Medical Director, he is committed to helping men of every age feel better and rejuvenate the excitement and intimacy of their sex life.

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