November 30, 2016

Optimal Male Hormones

Optimal Hormone levels are key to vibrant health, sex, and peak performance.

There are many important hormones in the Male anatomy:

Thyroid / Testosterone / Growth Hormone / DHEA / Estrogen / Cortisol Stress Hormone / Pregnenolone / Progesterone / Oxytocin / Melatonin

Male Hormones are chemical messengers, secreted by glands distributed throughout the body, that influence all aspects of health and disease – mood, sleep, sexual function, metabolism, immunity, energy production, heart health, and appearance. The energy to get out of bed in the morning, the ability to sustain and repair the body’s daily wear and tears, and the drive to rise to the occasion during sex are all largely and delicately orchestrated by our hormones.

For best results, it's best to check and balance all our hormones not just one or two as is routinely done.

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Signs and Symptoms of Male Hormone Decline include:

  • Low Energy (fatigue, lack of enthusiasm, drive or motivation)
  • Decreases Sexual Function (decreased sexual drive/libido, erectile dysfunction, prostate disease)
  • Cardiovascular Disease (high blood pressure, clotting, high cholesterol)
  • Mental Health (depression, anxiety, poor focus or concentration)
  • Weak Immune System (frequent colds, infections, autoimmune disease)
  • Metabolism (diabetes, weight gain, poor fitness performance)
  • Low Muscle and Bone Density (weakness, osteoporosis)
  • Premature Aging (wrinkles, muscle loss, thinning hair, hair loss)

Balance Your Hormones and Recharge Your Body at Made Men Medicine

For a comprehensive look at your hormone status, give us a call to get started. 305.290.4200

Whether you have experienced a breakdown in your hormone balance, or a decline due to the normal aging process, we can help you get back on track!


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