Simply put, Gainswave Therapy is another name for Pulse Wave Therapy and UroWave.

With the public’s fast-growing discovery and interest in Pulse Wave Therapy – the latest, and without a doubt, most revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction for men in our lifetime to date – some people have asked us about Gainswave and how it differs from the Pulse Wave Therapy treatment we offer at our Made Men Medicine clinic.

When a new treatment comes to town, it can be confusing and overwhelming to learn more about it. In this case, there is no difference other than the name – they are the exact same technology and treatment! Because our specialty is Urology, the field of men’s sexual health, we coined Pulse Wave Treatment as UroWave.

In addition to UroWave and Gainswave, Pulse Wave Therapy is also known as acoustic wave therapy, sound wave therapy, low-intensity shock wave therapy, ESWT, and pulse activation therapy.

As the treatment gains more popularity in the United States, you can expect to hear more about it over the next couple years.

To learn more about how this treatment, how it works, and it’s benefits, schedule a visit.

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