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Established in 2014, Made Men Medicine is a highly specialized Integrative Men’s Health Clinic dedicated to the needs of men. We exceed the standard of Men’s Health using cutting-edge treatments. The latest advances in genetics, medications, erectile dysfunction treatments, nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and hormone replacement therapy help our patients stay on their A-Game and succeed in health and life.

We founded Made Men Medicine to address the largely unmet health and performance needs of men. By integrating the specialty of Men’s Health Urology with the latest advances in Preventive and Regenerative Medicine, our goal is to help our patients live high-powered and satisfying lives.

“I recommend any man going through similar issues to call Dr. Martinez and start becoming the best Man you can be as well. This treatment has changed my life not only in the bedroom but in every area of my life.”

– Paul Street

Dr. B: Revolutionizing Men’s Sexual Health

By Liz Newman / Health Valley Magazine

When you think of a pharmacist, you might think of someone in a white lab coat standing behind a counter. Now for a moment, imagine a bombshell 30 and thriving licensed doctor out to, not only revolutionize the pharmacy profession but change the world of sexual health and peak performance! Meet Dr. Brittany Martinez, PharmD., C.Ph. FMNM, ABAAHP specializing in the art of connection…sex. Armed with endless degrees, and an unseen devotion to helping people, Dr. Martinez channeled her knowledge into forming a medical powerhouse called: Made Men Medicine. “Pharmacists are the qualified experts in medications and cellular therapies, yet are largely underutilized. Sexual medicine solutions are also underrepresented. It’s time to change that!” she comments.

With a family background in business, Dr. Martinez followed suit before a major turning point in her life. After having dealt with a tragic death in her family from a sudden and inexplicable health issue, Martinez sought a higher path…to find a cure for cancer.  With this, she switched to pre-med at Florida State University and explored the pharmaceutical world.  “I fell in love with classes that explored the inner wonders of the body,” Dr. Martinez shares, which led to her obtaining degrees in exercise science and physiology, chemistry, and ultimately a Doctor of Pharmacy.

“Originally I went into pharmacy wanting to find the ‘magic bullets’ and cures through drug therapies, and while medications are important, their limitations were quickly revealed to me as the core causes of disease also revealed themselves,” explained Dr. Martinez. Unsatisfied with the common cookie-cutter medication therapy protocols, she shifted her focus to personalized medicine and innovative therapies. The specialized knowledge that she gained as a pharmacist about the very complex chemical reactions taking place in our bodies and the therapeutic chemical interventions we use as medicine, gave her the tools to thrive in this trending area of medicine. She  deals with health issues on a cellular level. Later, Dr. Martinez became a board certified Anti-Aging Practitioner, all of which led to the exquisite shaping of this esteemed practitioner.

While attending an anti-aging conference in Las Vegas with her father-in-law, long-time urologist Dr. Leon Hirzel III and founder of the “First Clinic for Men Only,” they decided to join forces and apply Dr. Martinez’s personalized cellular medicine to the male sexual, reproductive, and performance systems. Together, they are revolutionizing men’s health. Since opening their doors in July of 2014, Drs. Martinez and Hirzel have introduced a unique and innovative approach to detecting and fixing a variety of issues facing men of all ages.

As a light bulb of hope to their patients, Dr. Martinez expands, “It’s clear and evident, sexual appetite is a major driver in life and sexual health is a critical element to the general prosperity and happiness of many relationships.”   When asked about the patient process, Dr. Martinez explains, “Commonly, patients will come see us because they have a sexual issue that they want to resolve. Like a loss of sexual drive or erectile difficulties. Others battling suboptimal energy levels or productivity commonly seek us as well. Also, the individuals that work out and do ‘all the right things’, yet are not losing the weight or getting the gains they’re expecting can largely benefit from coming to see us.  After an initial consult and exploring their thorough medical history we discuss personal concerns, goals, and conduct lab testing to dig deeper.  When the results return, we meet again to review findings and begin the client on their customized plan for success.”

Baring extensive knowledge of the male human body and exactly how it works, along with the advances in therapeutic interventions that modern medicine has to offer, Made Men Medicine tackles the root of the problem.  Dr. Martinez is fascinated by finding solutions that are effective and practical for each individual.

She expands by saying, “As an integrative and clinical pharmacist, I’ve concluded that healthcare looks different to each person. And it involves many factors such as: traditional and modern medical practices, various therapies, lifestyles, genetics, and dietary habits.

“Modern professional men are having to work harder than ever for longer. That hustle-and-bustle stress can rob them of their vitality, reducing their performance on the job, in their personal lives, and in the bedroom.  At Center for Rejuvenation, we integrate Urology, the medical specialty of men’s health, with the cutting edge science and innovative therapies of anti-aging medicine, to give mature men back their youthful vigor, and all men the performance edge they need to work hard all day and play hard all night”.

We find what works for patients, hence the personalization in ‘personalized medicine’.” 

Drs. Martinez and Hirzel treat patients by offering successful methods to help with such things as sexual enhancement, hormone optimization, erectile dysfunction, prostate health, peak performance, and medical weight loss.  Using leading-edge and custom-blended pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and lifestyle medicine tips and tricks, Dr. Martinez’s main goal is to have you feeling and looking your absolute best.

Whereas most doctors tend to shy away from the taboo sex topic, Dr. Martinez welcomes it and gives it the attention it deserves! Made Men Medicine seeks to bring light to commonly hushed issues.

Modern medicine is following the influx of science. And the science is taking us deep inside the body on a cellular biochemical level. Besides acute and cosmetic care, surgery and traditional medication treatments are being replaced with innovated cellular therapies specific to individuals. Cue in Made Men Medicine!  Supporting the ideal union between conventional medicine and progressive anti-aging medicine, Made Men Medicine improves your life in all facets.  Whether you’re facing a specific challenge or taking preventative health measures, you are not alone!

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Brittany Martinez, PharmD.

Men's Health Pharmacist

Dr. Martinez is a leading Men’s Health Specialist. She specializes in individualized hormone therapies, medications, and nutritional therapies targeted to help men optimize their hormones and performance, restore their health, and rejuvenate their sex lives. Dr. Martinez’s unique medical practice has created a new standard for men’s health by applying the latest treatments and advances in men’s medicine and performance.

Leon Hirzel, M.D.

Urologist Physcian

Dr. Leon Hirzel brings his extensive experience of 36 years in clinical and surgical Urology – the field that specializes in the male reproductive system and male and female urinary tract – to Made Men Medicine. As Medical Director, he is committed to helping men of every age feel better and rejuvenate the excitement and intimacy of their sex life. 

What Our Patients Are Saying...

"This treatment has changed my life..."

Dr. Martinez and her staff at Made Men Medicine are extremely professional and made me feel like I was their top priority. I am a 40 yr old man and I had started experiencing a decline in sexual performance and energy. I started doing research and called several other doctors. From the first consultation with Dr. Martinez I knew she could help and also this would be a life-changing experience. She made me feel very comfortable and explained in detail what was happening to my body. Her confidence in her cutting edge treatment solutions and deep knowledge of Men's Sexual Health are incomparable. I recommend any man going through similar issues to call Dr. Martinez and start becoming the best Man you can be as well. This treatment has changed my life not only in the bedroom but in every area of my life.

 retro male head silhouettesm  Paul Street

"I honestly feel I was reborn..."

I honestly feel I was reborn since I left your office last week! I had hit rock bottom and didn’t know what to do anymore.

I have so much energy now and haven’t reached for coffee in the morning this week. I am lasting so much longer now too, and I know I’m going to get even better.

Thank you for helping me with this, life is good!

retro male head silhouettesm 36 yo, Premature Ejaculation / Erectile Dysfunction

"I think you are going to save my life..."

I want to thank you for your efforts. I think you are going to save my life.

I want to be there for my Little girls and throw down a wicked Father-Daughter dance on their wedding Night.

I want to give thanks for all that studying you did and learning all that stuff you know.

I consider you one of the smartest people I know. Doctors usually send you a pill when something goes wrong or to stop the pain. I think your method can save us from ourselves.

We cause a lot of harm to ourselves and information is the biggest tool and weapon we can use to get well and stay healthy.

No one has ever explained to me that my "HUNGER HORMONE" is out of control.

Thanks for being there Doc.

retro male head silhouettesm53 YO - Erectile Dysfunction and Weight Loss Program



"Simply the best service I have ever experienced."

Dr. Martinez is punctual and super passionate about her cause and career. Her strategy and plan is very easy to follow, I now feel my age again after feeling old and tired for nearly 5 years. Thanks Dr. M!

retro male head silhouettesm Envigo PC

"Improvements have been remarkable."

I would like to thank Dr. Brittany Martínez, ethics, professionalism, and knowledge with which has managed to drive my case, which although we have not finished treatment improvements have been great and remarkable.

Despite being a severe metabolic disorder with different manifestations and I feel 90% resolved in full, in just a short time of treatment.

Thank you for your patience, dedication to my case and its high human quality.


retro male head silhouettesmErnesto Marichal



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The life and relationship that you desire may be a phone call away. So what do you have to lose (except the embarrassment)?

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