What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

We know, we know… we’re speaking the dreaded words: Erectile Dysfunction.

ED (also known as impotence) is a consistent inability to get or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfying sexual activity.

If you’re experiencing this, fret not. You’re not alone. Many men are affected by Erectile Dysfunction. About 50% of men have experienced it, or decreased quality of erection. Although the risk of ED increases with age, ED is not an inevitable consequence of getting older.

Let’s Conquer Together! Our specialized understanding and treatment solutions for ED put the FUNCTION and FUN back into your sexual experience.

 Beat ED and Get Your Edge Back!

In general, the healthier a man is, the better his erections and overall sexual experience.  The confidence and satisfaction provided by a strong and sexually robust body, fuels and impacts many areas of our life and relationships.  Those who aren’t quite connected with their sexual capacity are operating at a deficiency and disadvantage.

This is why the experts at Made Men Medicine provide the proper assessments, individualized treatments, specialized tools, and invaluable know-how to optimize sexual function and overall health.

What’s more, we are first in the Miami area to introduce UroWave, also know as Pulse Wave Therapy / Shockwave Therapy / Gainswave Therapy, a new and effective non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction treatment that works without taking injections or pills like Viagra and Cialis. Urowave Therapy is cutting edge and offers impressive results – we’re grateful to be bringing it to our community in Miami.

It’s important to note occasional ED is not uncommon. That’s right, so take a breath! Many men experience it during times of heightened stress. (I bet that de-stressed you a bit, didn’t it? You’re welcome.) However, frequent ED can be a sign of health problems that needs attention and treatment, which is where we come in.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

It should be known that ED is a preventable and treatable condition in all age groups. There are a number of ED treatments available. It is important to seek the help of experts in this field of medicine to learn about the safest and most effective treatment options available to you.

The type of treatment generally depends on the underlying cause of ED. The key to preventing, treating, and reversing ED, is to identify and attack the source of the problem. Then pair it with specialized and individualized therapies. This approach is what gets us real and long-lasting results. This is our approach at Made Men Medicine, and is what sets up apart from other practices in the community advocating men’s health services.

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There are numerous potential
causes of Erectile Dysfunction or ED:

Cardiovascular Disease




High Blood Pressure


Certain Hormone Deficiencies and/or Excesses


Low Sex Drive


Pelvic or other injuries


Unmanaged Stress (solutions can be learned)


Unmanaged Anxiety (solutions can be learned)




Relationship problems


Damage from cancer or surgery


Alcohol use




These factors can work alone or in combination.



At Made Men Medicine, we are proud to offer detailed assessments and custom treatments, including a new cutting-edge treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Called Pulse Wave Therapy. Pulse Wave Therapy, also known as UroWave and Shock Wave Therapy, is a new long-lasting, effective, and non-invasive treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. It has been informally coined the Viagra and Cialis alternative.

Made Men Medicine is offering this treatment to men located in Miami or any of the surrounding areas: Brickell, Aventura, Coral Gables, Kendall, Westchester, Miami Beach, Dania Beach, Wynwood, or Hollywood experiencing symptoms of ED.

Are you having the kind of sex life you would like, or are you having a ‘little trouble in the bedroom”? Call us and set up your appointment today – gain the tools and confidence to enjoy a happy and healthy sex life!

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You do not have to suffer from ED anymore. We’ve got solutions for you!

Although preventing ED is the best medicine, and the importance of proactive and preventive visits to a specialist cannot be stressed enough to avoid future problems, the key to successful erectile dysfunction treatment is understanding and targeting the source of ED with specialized and focused therapies.

Lose ED, Gain Sexual Performance and Mastery with the Best ED Treatment Options. 

Sexual wellness is not only an important part of healthy relationships, it’s also critical for confidence and general health. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common problem that prevents many men and their partners from having a good sex life, which keeps all the yummy benefits out of reach as well.


Pulse Wave Therapy is our latest Erectile Dysfunction treatment.

It uses high-frequency acoustic waves to repair damaged and age-worn blood vessels, and stimulate the growth of new vessels. Our patients report improved blood flow that results in longer, stronger and more sustained erections.

What’s more, we are the first in the Miami area to introduce UroWave, also know as Pulse Wave Therapy / Shockwave Therapy / Gainswave, as a long-term non-invasive erectile dysfunction treatment! It has had impressive results in Europe and we’re grateful to be bringing it to our community here in Miami.

What Our Patients Are Saying...

"This treatment has changed my life..."

Dr. Martinez and her staff at Made Men Medicine are extremely professional and made me feel like I was their top priority. I am a 40 yr old man and I had started experiencing a decline in sexual performance and energy. I started doing research and called several other doctors. From the first consultation with Dr. Martinez I knew she could help and also this would be a life-changing experience. She made me feel very comfortable and explained in detail what was happening to my body. Her confidence in her cutting edge treatment solutions and deep knowledge of Men's Sexual Health are incomparable. I recommend any man going through similar issues to call Dr. Martinez and start becoming the best Man you can be as well. This treatment has changed my life not only in the bedroom but in every area of my life.

 retro male head silhouettesm  Paul Street

"I honestly feel I was reborn..."

I honestly feel I was reborn since I left your office last week! I had hit rock bottom and didn’t know what to do anymore.

I have so much energy now and haven’t reached for coffee in the morning this week. I am lasting so much longer now too, and I know I’m going to get even better.

Thank you for helping me with this, life is good!

retro male head silhouettesm 36 yo, Premature Ejaculation / Erectile Dysfunction

"I think you are going to save my life..."

I want to thank you for your efforts. I think you are going to save my life.

I want to be there for my Little girls and throw down a wicked Father-Daughter dance on their wedding Night.

I want to give thanks for all that studying you did and learning all that stuff you know.

I consider you one of the smartest people I know. Doctors usually send you a pill when something goes wrong or to stop the pain. I think your method can save us from ourselves.

We cause a lot of harm to ourselves and information is the biggest tool and weapon we can use to get well and stay healthy.

No one has ever explained to me that my "HUNGER HORMONE" is out of control.

Thanks for being there Doc.

retro male head silhouettesm53 YO - Erectile Dysfunction and Weight Loss Program



"Simply the best service I have ever experienced."

Dr. Martinez is punctual and super passionate about her cause and career. Her strategy and plan is very easy to follow, I now feel my age again after feeling old and tired for nearly 5 years. Thanks Dr. M!

retro male head silhouettesm Envigo PC

"Improvements have been remarkable."

I would like to thank Dr. Brittany Martínez, ethics, professionalism, and knowledge with which has managed to drive my case, which although we have not finished treatment improvements have been great and remarkable.

Despite being a severe metabolic disorder with different manifestations and I feel 90% resolved in full, in just a short time of treatment.

Thank you for your patience, dedication to my case and its high human quality.


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Because it can be embarrassing to discuss ED or sexual performance issues, many men do not get the help and solutions they need to beat it.

Don't settle. Take charge and hunt for the education and solutions that you need. The life and relationship that you desire may be a phone call away. So what do you have to lose (except the embarrassment)?

The life and relationship that you desire may be a phone call away. So what do you have to lose (except the embarrassment)?

Invest in your sex life and health!

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