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What is Gainswave?

WHAT IS GAINSWAVE THERAPY? Simply put, Gainswave Therapy is another name for Pulse Wave Therapy and UroWave. With the public’s fast-growing discovery and interest in Pulse Wave Therapy - the latest, and without a doubt, most revolutionary treatment for erectile...

Get Your D UP!

Get Your D UP!

Think of Vitamin D as the MVP in the health game. Do you know your levels? As it turns out Vitamin D isn’t a vitamin at all. It’s actually a secosteroid hormone packed with a big punch. Produced when UV rays from the sun strike the skin and trigger its synthesis, it’s...

Is Coffee Good or Bad?

Is Coffee Good or Bad?

For a long time, we’ve heard to cut down on our coffee intake because it’s not good for us. Now, the health benefits of coffee are getting all the rave. So is coffee off the bad list? It can be difficult to make good health choices when you hear conflicting medical...

Vitamin D Deficiency and Prostate Cancer

Vitamin D Deficiency and Prostate Cancer

In the US, Prostate Cancer is the most common non-skin cancer, and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men. It is also the most treatable! Early detection is key. Developing new prevention and treatment strategies are also critical to improving the health of...

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Brittany Martinez, PharmD.

Men's Health Pharmacist

Dr. Martinez is a leading Men’s Health Specialist. She specializes in individualized hormone therapies, medications, and nutritional therapies targeted to help men optimize their hormones and performance, restore their health, and rejuvenate their sex lives. Dr. Martinez’s unique medical practice has created a new standard for men’s health by applying the latest treatments and advances in men’s medicine and performance.

Leon Hirzel, M.D.

Urologist Physcian

Dr. Leon Hirzel brings his extensive experience of 36 years in clinical and surgical Urology – the field that specializes in the male reproductive system and male and female urinary tract – to Made Men Medicine. As Medical Director, he is committed to helping men of every age feel better and rejuvenate the excitement and intimacy of their sex life. 



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