Rebranding Made Men Medicine

Established in 2014, Made Men Medicine is a highly specialized Integrative Men’s Health Clinic dedicated to the needs of men. We exceed the standard of Men’s Health using cutting-edge treatments. The latest advances in genetics, medications, erectile dysfunction treatments, nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and hormone replacement therapy help our patients stay on their A-Game and succeed in health and life. We were previously known as Men’s Health Urology Clinic with Dr. Brittany Martinez as the face of our brand. Now in 2018, we have shifted our focus to making Made Men Medicine the face of our entire brand with our elegant rebranding.

We founded Made Men Medicine to address the largely unmet health and performance needs of men. By integrating the specialty of Men’s Health Urology with the latest advances in Preventive and Regenerative Medicine, our goal is to help our patients live high-powered and satisfying lives.

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